Continental: a strong brand for the aftermarket



Rolf Sudmann, Head of Automotive Aftermarket Power Transmission Group, presents the new packaging.

In a rapidly changing aftermarket, it’s important for Continental to listen to the special requirements of distributors and workshops. To achieve that, all the corporation’s business units operating in the aftermarket will pool their skills and share a common presence. For the ContiTech Power Transmission Group’s customers, that means the products will be distributed under the Continental brand from now on.

As the market environment becomes ever more complex, companies and workshops need a strong partner at their side. “As a broad-based OEM, Continental is just such a partner. The brand has a global reputation as the ultimate in quality and reliable service. Our switch to Continental is part of our strategy of continually expanding the offer for the automotive aftermarket under the umbrella of this strong brand. Our customers will benefit from this,” declares Rolf Sudmann, head of Aftermarket operations in the Power Transmission Group at ContiTech.

It’s not just Aftermarket that is changing from ContiTech to Continental for its products; OE is also making this move. “Our customers receive a comprehensive product portfolio in premium quality from us. We incorporate everything we have learned from our collaboration with vehicle manufacturers in our aftermarket products,” says Sudmann. The uniform market presence will underline this expertise and also ensure greater clarity on the shelf. Customers will also enjoy enhanced benefits from service offers relating to our products.

“The change to a uniform product image worldwide will strengthen our Continental brand even further and create a high level of acceptance right along the distribution chain. That will also have a positive impact on our distribution partners’ sales,” says Christian Pfiz, head of the AAM Marketing Service for the Power Transmission Group at ContiTech. The brand shift will be straightforward for the customers – a gradual changeover is planned. “We anticipate the transitional period will last a year, during which time we will have both old and new packagings in stock,” says Pfiz.

The new brand alignment will also help ContiTech grow. Sudmann emphasizes: “Although the ContiTech brand has a high recognition level in Europe, Continental is stronger in Asia, the US and South America. And that is precisely where we aim to significantly expand our market shares in the next few years.” All the indicators point to growth.