Trade centers

Anykščiai shopping center: K. Ladigos str. 13

In a shop in Anykščiai, which opened its doors on the 4th of June, 2019, an assortment of over 11 000 different product positions is offered to the clients. Here you may find the necessary car parts, car accessories, a wide range of lubricants.

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Varėna shopping center: J. Basanavičiaus str. 37

A rather small (of more than 180 sq. m.) but cosy “EOLTAS” shop started servicing clients in 2017. Though the shop located at Basanavičiaus str. is not the largest one, but an assortment of almost 10 000 positions is offered to the clients.

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Kėdainiai shopping center: J. Basanavičiaus str. 95

“EOLTAS” made its way to Kėdainiai in 2016, when a new shop opened its doors in this city. The shopping centre located at Basanavičiaus str. sells spare parts for engines and suspension for passenger cars and commercial vehicles manufactured in Europe, Japan and the United States.

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Jonava shopping center: Chemikų str. 1-1

This “EOLTAS”, UAB shop became operational in 2016. The target of the shop, which is located at Chemikų str., is to become the main stop for the drivers of Jonava, who are looking for spare parts for their cars.

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Kretinga shopping center: Vytauto str. 120

While implementing the development strategy, “EOLTAS” shop was also opened in Kretinga in 2017. Here, the residents of Kretinga may find a wide range of products, and the fundamental concept of “EOLTAS” lies in a 250 sq. m.

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Kaunas shopping center: Europos av. 72

The shop became operational in 2010. Even though the area of the shop is just over 200 sq. m., however, “EOLTAS” did their best to make sure that the end users or the representatives of auto business would find everything they need.

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