Up to -45%

Winter sale

The promotion runs till 7th of March!



Promotional period:
Offer is valid from 2020 March 2nd to 7th.
Special offer is valid for online purchases and at the shopping centers.

The promotion applies:
1. -20% for almost all battery chargers.
2. Up to -25% for almost all batteries.
3. -30% for almost all antigels.
4. -20% for wires.
5. -30% for black bitumin coating.
6. -20% for fuel filter.
7. Up to -45% for almost all scrapers.
8. -20% for K2 fuel additives for diesel.
9. Up to -40% for almost all fuel additives for diesel.
10. -40% for sticker “Thorn”.
11. -30% for knitted winter gloves with red dots.
12. Up to -45% for almost all winter windscreen wash.
13. -30% for almost all rubber protectants.
14. -30% for engine start facilitators.
15. -20% for almost all water pumps and fittings.
16. -20% for almost all antifreeze.
17. Up to -45% for almost all locks de-icers.
18. -30% for alomst all windscreen covers.
19. -30% for almost all heaters – windows solvents.
20. -30% for ARMORALL glass mop anti-fog.
21. -20% for thermostats and fittings.
22. -30% for almost all deicers.
23. -20% for almost all jumper cables.
24. -30% for DANUSHIS CHEMICALS kerosene 500ml.
25. -30% for glow plugs.
26. -30% for spark plugs.

The promotion does not apply:
Special offer is not available to the items which can be ordered only directly from the manufacturer.

Participants of the campaign:
Special offer is available to any natural persons who have no cooperation agreements with EOLTAS and have no special pricing applied to them.

Other information:
Special offers and other discounts cannot be combined. Organisers of the special offer reserve the right to change or cancel the special offer completely.

Additional information:
Additional information about the promotion is available at the point of sale.
The promotion is valid when ordering goods in the online store www.eoltas.lt

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For WYNN’S products

The promotion runs from 2020 February 10th to March 7th.

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